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"I have a passion for sharing my knowledge in song writing, production, working with artists and the business as a whole."


"There's a new generation of people out there forming a new version of the music industry as we know it and it's incredibly exciting to be part of this!!"

Knowing how impossible it is for organisations and educational institutions to keep up with the fast paced changes, there's a need for people with a strong foothold within the industry to share their experience.



Henrik Algren brings fresh views and perspectives on the music industry. As a Swedish producer & songwriter with over 20 years on the international scene, EDM artist/DJ, studio designer/acoustician, Apple T3 trainer for Logic Pro, author and blogger; he shares some profound insights.

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Rik Reno says
Rik Reno

"The BEST masterclass I've ever attended..."
-quote by Rufus Varghese, student SAE Singapore


Previous clients include:

Apple -Asia Pacific, Beijing Film Academy, MediaCorp -Singapore, Hong Kong Design Institute & IVE, Fatbars Apple ATC -Hong Kong, ITE Collage West -Singapore, Singapore Polytechnic, SAE Institute -Singapore, Various Apple Partners around Asia



Finger on the pulse:

Along with the main content Henrik delivers a short review of the current state of the global music industry, especially discussing what you need to do as an artist/writer/producer to participate in new income streams and business models. These are interesting times and a lot is happening that makes it easier for smaller artists and labels to survive and thrive.




1 International Music Industry -if you are working in the Music Business you need to understand the Business!
Publishing, rights, management, deals and DIY marketing tools and tips to enable you to grow a fan base and make money.

Here we iron out copyright vs. phonographic rights; the 2 pillars of the music industry -publishers & music labels. A lot of focus on revenue flow, collection societies and how to proactively maximise your participation in all revenue streams (360ยบ deals and contracts with case studies). We also discuss tribal management and DIY approaches for smaller artists and labels with new income streams like AdRev, streaming and merchandising.

For musicians, artists, bands, producers, writers, managers, publishers, A&R, label owners and if you are working with music placement etc.

2 Songwriting and production trends -what makes a Hit Song a Hit?
We analyse commercially successful songs and discuss writing techniques and new trends.

This seminar cover song writing techniques with analysis of commercially successful songs with an aim to identify some key factors that many successful songs have in common. There's an opportunity for participants to bring their own music along for discussion, tips and advice. We talk about co-writing and the various gentleman agreements and writer splits involved in this. We also talk about musical trends as well as gear and software trends. If time allows we will also discuss coaching vocalists in recording sessions from a producer perspective.

For song writers, producers, musicians, artists & bands. Engineers, A&R and talent scouts may also find this useful.

3 Modern Music Origins -understand musical sub genres and predict the sounds of coming years mainstream hit music!
"Do you know what Grime sounds like? Complextro, Trap, Fidget, Glitch? Did you know that the entire genres of Drum'n Bass, Jungle and even Dubstep originate from one single sample from a 1969 record? You hear traces of all these genres on the radio everyday without knowing it."

This is a one-day seminar exploring where all the new music genres are originating from and how they appeared. Lots of listening examples and references to key musicians, artists and producers that have changed the world of music. It is assuming a basic knowledge of music history, bolting on with development from the late 60's experimental music and covering the very most current sub-genres with focus on electronic music. We're especially exploring how these genres influence the mainstream music we hear on the radio everyday and how they are likely to influence the music of tomorrow. Lot's of legendary tracks and origins of iconic samples that have been used over and over.

For anybody with a strong interest in music. Especially useful for pop music writers and producers! Very fun seminar!

4 Music Mastering -clarified!
We iron out the misconceptions and discuss Mastering Techniques and Tools.

This seminar clarifies the real meaning behind the word Mastering and we discuss terms like assembly editing, sweetening, restoration and delivery. We cover the mastering process in technical detail and the various softwares and hardware typically used. We discuss "The End of the Loudness War" and listening references. Participants are also provided with a Preparation Guide for mix engineers delivering for mastering. This is a full-day seminar if there is access to studios and/or workstations as the second half will be dedicated to exercises. Otherwise this can be held as a half-day seminar.

For audio engineers and music producers. Exercises during second half of the day (subject to access to studios).

5 The Basics of Acoustics -made simple and easy to understand!
Improve your acoustic environment and avoid common errors and misconceptions to save costs.

Here we discuss the 3 main areas of acoustics; sound insulation, mechanical isolation and acoustic treatment. We talk about room modes and room ratios with fun real-life examples that are easy to understand. We talk about noise and building techniques and of course room treatment. We put a lot of focus on how to maximise your listening environment before spending money, and how to accomplish professional results on low budgets. We talk about listening positions, speaker positioning, analysis software & hardware and round off with a real acoustic measurement of the current room we're in.

For anybody who uses an acoustic space, at home, professionally or if you are in a position to advice on, acquire or build rooms where acoustics is important;
-Hi-Fi enthusiasts & hobbyist musicians,
-Professional engineers, producers and studio owners,
-Architects and builders of studios, listening rooms and venues.

Simple requirements:

Class room, conference room or auditorium with projector & white board. Speaker system and reliable internet connection. Henrik brings an ultra modern, portable production setup capable of running full productions anywhere. Students are encouraged to bring their own work for feedback and discussions.

-email: henrik [at] henrikalgren.com
-phone: +66 80 220 3999
-based in Thailand & Hong Kong