Henrik Algren


I am offering a variety of masterclass type seminars lasting from one day to a week to clients like Apple, SAE, MediaCorp, Beijing Film Institute, AATC’s in SE Asia and many others. I am also training trainers who would like to become certified Apple Logic Pro trainers.

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International Music Industry 1 day
-Publishing, [copyright] vs. record labels [phonographic rights]
-Music labels [phonographic rights]
-New Breed Management, 360 deals & tribal management
-Cash flow charts
-Contracts & real-life examples

Songwriting & Music Production 1 day
-What Makes a Hit a Hit?
-The art of Co-Writing
-Analysing songs and discussing students work
-Trends in gear & production techniques
-Trends in sound and musical genres
-Technical discussions
-Definition & role of todays music producer

Music Mastering 1 day
-Definitions, reference listening
-Loudness war
-Discussions about techniques & equipment
-Preparation guide
-Hands-on exercises

Acoustics 1 day
-Sound Insulation, Isolation & Acoustic treatment
-Room modes & room ratios
-Evaluate your noise situation
-Building techniques
-Room treatment
-Listening positions & speaker positioning
-Measurement & analysis